Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rename Your Firefox Tabs And Google Chrome Tabs Title In One Click !!!

It’s very easy to rename Tabs in Firefox / Google Chrome tabs to avoid yourself from embarrassing situation or to hide information about the sites you are surfing or to avoid confusion when you have multiple tabs with similar title tag open.
You may want to Rename Firefox Tab when you are:
> Watching something naughty, but do not want others (the pesky laptop peepers) to know what you actually are upto,
> Have stocks / auction site open at office, but you do not want your colleagues / boss to know about it,
> Browsing through several pages of a website, which starts with the same title tag, classic example is if you are browsing different products categories in an online shop, then some chances are you’ll see the website URL in title first rather than the product name or make, and you’ll have to manually
look into each page while re-visiting, and more such situations.
Handling this situation is now easy with - an extension for Firefox and a simple javascript hack - helps you handle this situation easily now :
To Rename Tab In Firefox:
Get Rename Tabs and that’s it
To Rename Tab In Google Chrome:
Save this link (right click and select “Copy Link Location”) as a bookmark in Google Chrome and when ever you want to rename a particular tab, click on the bookmark and a widget pop’s up:
Image Hosted by
Fill in your desired ‘Tab Title’ and this will rename the tab. You can use the same trick in Firefox as well !
Note: If you refresh the tab, either in Firefox or in Chrome, the tabs wil lose the temporary name and revert back to the actual state.

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