Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trace Websites !!!

Surfing Internet...

Type in the url and Hit Enter, that's it ?
Have you ever thought what happens after that ?

Lets Trace n see what happens !
Do the following :
# Start >> Run
# Type cmd
# This will open the Command Prompt
# Type cd\

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Use earphones as microphone !!!

Do you know ?

There is an interesting fact about Headphones i.e. they can also be used as a microphone !
Technically :
There is not much difference between the circuits of a Microphone and a Headphone , just the headphone is designed to spread voice and an microphone to capture the voice !

Working :
So if you connect the headphone in the microphone slot of your computer, you could use it as a microphone.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Access Your Folders as Drives !!!!

Well, this is my EXCLUSIVE !!!

Trick is all About :

You can create Virtual Drives in your Computer. Now you can access your Favorite Folders as a drive in My Computer.

What you can do ?

** Access your folders as a Drive !

** Fool 'Computer Beginners' or your 'Friends' (Non-Expert) , as the drive will show Disk Space of the folder's drive so it seems that the disk space has increased !!!

Do The Follwing :

Monday, May 24, 2010

Car Keys Inside The Car !!!

Have you ever locked your car keys inside the car ?
This is a very frustating event in which you can't blame anyone !

Well the solution come here :

If you have remote control car lock system in your keychain (Very Common These Days), you are saved !

** Just call some one at home at his/her cell phone and ask for the duplicate keys to someone at home.

** Now, as usual the key chain of duplicate key would also be having the remote control, so ask the person at home to press the unlock key on the remote.

** While the person press the unlock key hold your mobile phone about a 10-12 inches from the car door.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

nokia secret codes !!!

Here are some the coolest & useful secret codes for your Nokia mobile phone, Ever wonder what code to use if you want to save the battery? What code to use to enhance a Weak signal? When was your phone manufactured?

Well here are the answers, A set of Nokia Mobile Secret codes that work with almost all the nokia phones, However use at your own discretion, We take absolutely no responsibilty, Since only a few codes worked with one of my phones, While on the other all of them worked.

Secret Nokia Cell Phone Unlock Codes

*#06# :
Opens up a new window showing the IMEI Number International Mobile Equipment Identity(Also Works with other phones)

*#7780# :
Resets The Factory Settings