Sunday, September 1, 2013

Google finally confrims buying Android smartwatch maker WIMM Labs !!!

Google has finally confirmed that it bought WIMM Labs last year to pimp up its smartwatch manufacturing plans.
WIMM Labs is a company that previously made an Android-powered smartwatch before shutting operations in 2012.
Earlier in the year, it was rumoured that Google is working on a smartwatch with FT claiming that the Android unit was working on a physical device for consumer's wrists.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the acquisition on Friday afternoon to technology website Gigaom.
It was reported that WIMM last year shut it's Twitter account and went completely dark. It was rumoured that Apple might have lapped up the company for uplifting its smartwatch plans.
According to the report in Gigaom, some of the WIMM staff stayed back to work with Google's Android team and further the dream to build Google's smartwatch.
It is also interesting to note, that Samsung is launching its Galaxy Gear device at the September 4 event pioneering the smartwatch competition among the big technology guns.

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