Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hide Important Files in a JPEG image !

You got some files which you do not want to be shared with anyone but you. Also, you don’t want
any software to encrpt files. Then here is a trick for you ! Using this trick you can hide
almost any file( or files !) (be it .txt/.mp3/.exe) in a JPEG image.

Requirements :
A PC with WinRAR installed
A JPEG/JPG image.
Files you want to hide

Steps :
1.Create a folder(preferably in your Windows drive, C:\ in most cases). Give it any name eg. Hide
2. In this folder you have to put all those files you want to hide(eg.ankit.txt and jain.exe)
AND a JPG image in which you want the files to hide.
3.Now select the files you want to hide, right click > Add to Archive. This will make a
RAR file of your secret files(eg. ankit.rar).
4.Now, Open Command Box (Start>Run>cmd) and type “cd\” (without quotes). This will take you to the root directory.
5.Type, cd Hide (where Hide= name of your folder).
6.Type the command “copy /b nameofpic.jpg + ankit.rar nameofpic.jpg” and press Enter

Done ! Now all the contents are hidden in your JPG picture. Open this jpg with WinRAR to extract its contents. helped by akash ....

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