Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boot Windows Directly in Safe Mode without F8 Key !!!

If you happen to boot into Safe Mode or if your F8 key is not working then this is how you can make Windows to boot directly into the Safe Mode without the need to press the F8 key.

Safe Mode is a great feature in Windows
using which we can solve most of the problems but in case you wish to boot into it many times then here are the steps for it.


1. Type msconfig in the Run box to open the System Configuration Utility box.

2. Move to BOOT.INI tab
3. Now under the section of Boot Options, check the option of /SAFEBOOT

4. You will be asked to restart the computer following which you will land directly into the Safe Mode.

Note: This thing can also be achieved by manually editing the Boot.ini file but this way is much easier.

To disable this feature

Boot into the Safe Mode and just turn the option off using the same procedure used above.

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