Monday, May 24, 2010

Car Keys Inside The Car !!!

Have you ever locked your car keys inside the car ?
This is a very frustating event in which you can't blame anyone !

Well the solution come here :

If you have remote control car lock system in your keychain (Very Common These Days), you are saved !

** Just call some one at home at his/her cell phone and ask for the duplicate keys to someone at home.

** Now, as usual the key chain of duplicate key would also be having the remote control, so ask the person at home to press the unlock key on the remote.

** While the person press the unlock key hold your mobile phone about a 10-12 inches from the car door.

** The unlock signal will travel on the cell phone network and your car will be unlocked !

## Please note that on some networks the trick may not work !


  1. wat distance has to be maintained by the person at home between the phone and the remote?

  2. distance is no bar to this trick !!!